Anavar / Winstrol UV test (Ampoules with transparent test reagent). The best steroids test kit on the market.

You need 365 nm UV light to watch fluorescence with this test. Notice the difference between the two tests, the regular one is using yellow reagent while the UV test white transparent reagent. Compared to regular test it is not critical to drop exact amount of powder or grinded pill to interpret the results, the regular test requires precise 1 mg to properly read the results. Do not drop more than the amount of test reagent inside, just a little bit if you drop a lot it might be impossible to see the fluorescence. You drop only a little powder, grinded pill. You have only 0.1 ml of the test reagent the same what you see on the video and on the pictures. It is corrosive and you do not need more, 0.1 ml is more than enough for the test.

You can also test liquid form, which is impossible with regular test. You can also test raw powder, which is almost impossible with regular test to drop 1 mg of pure powder. Also larger pills can be also easily tested you cut a little with razor blade and drop inside. Just make sure you do not drop too much, the filler, usually corn starch will suck the entire test reagent and it might be hard to spot the fluorescence. Also if protein powder is used as filler or vitamins added those ingredients unlike with regular test will not interfere with test results. The only substances which can interfere are other steroids and some organic substance, which were added to your sample. The pharmaceutical form uses neutral fillers like corn starch which work perfectly with this test. Pharmaceutical companies never add anything to the pill like vitamins, proteins or anything else organic because it can interfere with the medication. Anything like pill dye does not influence the test results; color dye is simply dissolved by the test reagent. The color coding is easy to interpret.

    Anavar - no initial color change and green fluorescence.
    Winstrol - yellow initial color and blue fluorescence.
    Dianabol - right away dark yellow - light brown / red initial color, yellow – brown under UV light.
    Turinabol - similar to dianabol but a little brigher brown.
    Anadrol - yellow initial color and green/orange fluorescence developing into dark blue.
  1. Anavar there no initial color change, getting slowly yellow and red later. Take a look first at the vial under UV there is a little blue reflection from glass, the test reagent itself is not fluorescent. Then start watching under UV light (make sure it is 365 nm) you will see solid green fluorescence. It will be light green, if you drop powder the high concentration will show as dark green under UV. You will still see some blue reflection from the glass so watch carefully; try to point the UV light at the test reagent from different angles to see it better. Note if you drop pure powder the initial color will be almost immediately dark red - brown because of the high concentration but nice solid green fluorescence. Unless you drop really tiny bit of powder then it will behave like 1/4 of 10 mg pill.
  2. Winstrol a little initial color change getting red and light brown later. The blue florescence should develop right away. But give some time and it will develop into blue and last a while.
  3. Dianabol, the initial color dark yellow - light brown / red initial color and under UV light you will see it yellow – brown / red.
  4. Anadrol, first of all it is very unlikely to see anavar replaced by anadrol; it will be winstrol or dianabol. But you will see the difference right away; the initial color will be light yellow, getting red after a few minutes, while there is a little initial color change for anavar at the same time. The fluorescence will be green - orange changing slowly into dark blue, while fluorescence of anavar is still nice solid bright green. Catch the difference because fluorescence of winstrol is blue right away and it is nice solid bright blue.

Anavar pill just after adding to the test tube, no initial color change note if you drop more you will start seeing some intial color change. But the UV light will determine if you have anavar not the initial color change. Notice the red initial color for dianabol and darker for turinabol.

anavar (pill) a little to no initial color change and under 365 nm UV light - green

Anavar raw powder, high concentration very dark sharp green fluorescence. If you drop more and higher concentration like raw powder the initial color will be almost instantly red, the more you drop the darker it getts. But it is not indication of anavar presence yet until you do the UV test.

winstrol a little to no initial color change and under 365 nm UV light - blue

On the left anavar with green fluorescence, on the right winstrol with blue fluorescence.

dianabol dark yellow - light brown / red initial color and under 365 nm UV light no fluorescence

Turinabol light brown initial color change and under 365 nm UV light, dark yellow

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