We have more purity tests coming, which will give you exact concentration mg/ml, mg/pill or %. Purity test are different from our regular presence test. Presence tests require 365 nm UV light while purity tests do not. First column only lists vials used for presence test, those vials have nothing to do with quantitative test.

type of test vials used presence test quantitative (purity) test
Anadrol own special yes  
Anavar own special yes yes
Boldenone base  A + B yes  
Boldenone undecylenate  A + B yes yes
Clenbuterol  own special yes  
Clomid own special yes  
Dianabol pill A + B yes  
Dianabol liquid A + B yes  
Human growth hormone own special yes  
Ephedrine  own special yes  
Masteron enanthate  A + B yes yes
Masteron propionate  A + B yes  
Nandrolone decanoate  A + B yes yes
Nandrolone phenylpropionate  A + B yes yes
Nolvadex  own special yes  
Primobolan A + B yes yes
Proviron A + B yes  
Superdrol A + B yes  
Sustanon A + B yes  
Testosterone acetate A + B yes  
Testosterone base A + B yes  
Testosterone cypionate  A + B yes yes
Testosterone enanthate  A + B yes yes
Testosterone propionate  A + B yes yes
Trenbolone acetate  A + B yes yes
Trenbolone enanthate  A + B yes yes
Turanabol liquid A + B yes  
Turanabol pill A + B yes  
Winstrol  own special yes  
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