356 nm UV light

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This light is tested to confirm that it is indeed 365 nm. We have a lot of people buying from Amazon or eBay 395 nm or 405 nm lights. It does not work but they are advertised as 365 nm. We always have questions if I can use 395 nm instead of 365 nm, no you cannot. 395 nm is not UV light but blue light. It is like asking can I use red light instead of green. It is not the same. 365 nm are a little more expensive than 395 nm. 395 or higher is not UV light but blue light and it does not produce fluorescence though it is often described as black light or a UV light. Also many those lights on eBay or Amazon are described as 365 nm but in fact they are 395 nm. The merchant might not have clue that it is not real UV light.

  1. Brand: LabMax
  2. Light Source: UV LED Emitter, 1W
  3. Wavelength: 365nm
  4. Adjustable lens, you can focus more light on small area.
  5. Body materials: Aluminum alloy
  6. Switch type: Click
  7. Switch location: Tail cap
  8. Reflector: OP Aluminum alloy
  9. Size:90x25mm
  10. Net weight: 100g
  11. Battery configuration: 1.5 V, 1xAA/1x14500 (Not Included)
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