Anadrol/ Dianabol UV test. The best steroids test kit.

You need 365 nm UV light to watch fluorescence. You drop a small piece of the pill, there is only a little test reagent and you drop only a little powder, grinded pill. Just make sure you do not drop too much, the filler, usually corn starch will suck the entire test reagent and it might be hard to spot the fluorescence.

Anadrol – light yellow initial color, green fluorescence
Dianabol – red initial color, red/yellow fluorescence
Winstrol – light yellow initial color, blue fluorescence
Turanabol – light brown initial color, no fluorescence

  1. Anadrol there is yellow initial color, getting slowly red. Take a look first at the vial under UV there is a little blue reflection from glass, the test reagent itself is not fluorescent. Then start watching under UV light (make sure it is 365 nm UV light) It will start developing slowly green fluorescence. It will be light green, you will still see some blue reflection from the glass so watch carefully; try to point the UV light at the test reagent from different angles to see it better. Note if you drop concentrated pure powder the initial color will be almost immediately red – brown but green fluorescence. Keep watching the fluorescence will develop fully into darker green, it might take a few good minutes to develop from light green to distinct solid darker green.
  2. Dianabol, the initial color will be right away red and under UV light you will see it orange / yellow, the fluorescence might take a little time to develop.
  3. Winstrol a little initial color change, starting with light yellow getting red and light brown later. The blue florescence will develop right away. But give some time and it will develop into solid blue and last a while. Just keep watching what happens. It will be very distinct solid blue after a while.
  4. The initial color is light brown, getting slowly darker. Turanabol will not produce fluorescence but it does not meant that your sample is turanabol, it could also mean no hormone inside. For turanabol test use vials A and B.

anadrol yellow initial color and right away red for dianabol

a little later from left anadrol, dianabol, turinabol, winstrol, notince the slow change for anadrol

anadrol in dark roon under 365 nm UV light, getting darker mat green fluorescence after a while from light green.

dianabol under 365 nm UV light, bright yellow, it might take a while for the fluorescence to develop yellow color before you see it

turinabol under 365 nm UV light, dark brown no fluorescence

winstrol under 365 nm UV light blue fluorescence

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